Capella University

Master of Science in Educational Psychology

Capella University

Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling

(80 hours of continuing education coursework and research)

Capella University

Master of Science in Human Behavior

University of Houston

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


  1. Educational Psychologist (NOT school psychologist)

  2. Behaviorist

  3. Publisher

Educational Psychologist 

It is important to first distinguish educational psychology from school psychology. Educational psychology is the study of human development and how people learn. In this role Tamara is a researcher using her findings to develop programs like the WHAT WHY program, trainings, and systems for schools, businesses, and organizations.


Behaviorism is the psychoscientific understanding of human behavior given certain conditions. In her role as a behaviorist, she has a unique understanding of the “what” and “why” of people’s choices and behavior. Understanding does not mean that she agrees or disagrees. It simply she is able to be objective in order to understand her clients to design the best personal care plan for them. This also allows her to develop and teach her team coaching techniques and therapeutic practices that enhance clients’ experience in the firm.


Before becoming a publisher, Tamara was a published author and then spent several years as a research writer and editor in the areas of psychology and mental health. As an author, she was disappointed in the process and the options available for publishing. She decided to teach herself everything there was to know about publishing. As she continued as a contract editor, she developed her first publishing company. Primarily publishing smaller publications she learned what she needed to do in order to offer writers and authors what they desired in a publisher. So, with a business name change and a structural change, she then launched Tamara Taylor Edu Publishing LLC (TTE Publishing & Speakers) with the focus being mental health and wellness books, curriculums, and programs. Whether writing or reading, she designed this company to be the educational place for mental health professionals and people to teach and learn.

Tamara Taylor

Director & Co-Developer