The WHAT WHY Program was developed by Tamara Taylor Edu LLC (TTE) to deal with the increasing issue of mental health, and emotional, behavioral, and social wellness wellness in what has become one of the most vulnerable areas of focus: kids and schools. As one of the most prominent resources for quality mental health services in schools, our philosophy is "Every WHAT Has A WHY".


We cannot continue to target the behaviors, the “WHAT”, without repairing the “WHY”—the trauma that has caused kids to be the way they are. Every kid has a story and experiences—their “WHY”—that shape his or her perception of the world and people. It is their “WHY” that mentally and emotionally wires their brains. What happens, as a result of this, is their attitudes and behaviors negatively impact them, their environment, and the people around them.


As schools work to manage classrooms and students’ behaviors, it is often not enough for some students. The WHAT WHY Program partners with schools, community organizations, as well as facilitate independent group sessions to work directly with those kids who need more attention given to their “WHY” in order to make school a better place for them; a place where they will find social belonging, emotional satisfaction, and academic achievement.